Welcome to CNYSC

We're taking some time with COVID-19 all but eliminating snow days to rebuild
our services in a way that benefits our community. If you are currently a
member of our Text or Email service you will continue to receive notifications
of closures and delays regardless of what is happening with our website.

During this update we'd love to know what you as a community member would
love to see this site become, you can send your recommendations or feature
requests to us on our Facebook Page (which you can see linked below).

We expect to be open and operating fully with an all new design and function
for the start of the 2021/2022 School Year. We thank you for all your support
through out the 5 years we've been in operation, and we're glad to continue to
serve our community by providing with up to date school closings and delays.

Please stay happy and healthy, and we wish you all a happy holidays, and a
prosperous and safe new year. Go SU!

CNYSC Staff & Family

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